comments on being married, month seven.

today marks month seven of marriage. 
God's number.

we are on the "back six" now. creeping toward that first anniversary.

but, what i want to share on this monthiversary, is not about us and our first seven months of marriage, per se. but rather, about a couple who are about to celebrate their first anniversary. a couple we have had the privilege of witnessing and learning from during our first seven months of marriage. namely, em and bobby. adam's sister/my sister in-law/one of my dearest friends since high school. and bobs, her college sweetheart.

first, i shall show you their picture. 

and now, your hearts are won. so next, i shall tell you their story. well, at least part of it. let's say...just this past year. abbreviated.

so they got married on june 5, 2011. this is how their wedding week went:

monday (may 30): em's birthday! em goes to doctor on her birthday. em finds out she probably has cancer.

wednesday: doctors confirm that she has cancer. 

friday-saturday: family and friends start arriving in town for the wedding. em and bobby have to tell lots of people who they love, some pretty horrible news while gathering for their wedding. em and bobby still celebrate and party and love each other and love their family and look beautiful and smile lots. and be very brave.

sunday: em and bobby vow to love each other forever. in sickness and in health. until they are separated by death. and they mean it. they dance and eat strawberry shortcake and take funny pictures with their best friends and family.

a few weeks later, em started chemo. and that's how their married life began. lots of doctors, hospitals, needles, sickness, blah, tears, laughs, hot flashes, love, support, prayers, and faith. now, a year later, em is done with chemo, done with radiation, cancer free (praise Jesus!), starting the masters program she was supposed to start last summer, and bobby has a job as a teacher in seattle. in a way, they are kind of starting their "newlywed year" all over again. 

but then again, not. their "newlywed year" was not normal, but it was their story. in a lot of ways (ok, most ways), it was not ideal. but watching the way that they walked hand in hand with one another, and hand in hand with their savior who they truly trusted, made me wonder how many years of marriage most people go through before they develop the maturity of faith and commitment that em and bob were forced to in year one

so, when i think about what we've learned in seven months of marriage and most of it revolves around the bathroom, it makes me want to sit at their feet for a day and hear about what God has taught them in their first year of marriage. because i'm sure there are couples with far more years under their belt who have not experienced the depths of marriage that these two have. and maybe not the heights either.

and would you know it just from looking at them? 

not i. 

to me, they always look like newly-in-loves who just met and can't stop smiling at one another. 

if we're lucky, em will guest post later this week and share what God did teach them this year. and i think we'll be lucky. in fact, i'm pretty dang sure we'll be lucky. 

love you both. and happiest of birthdays tomorrow em! officially done with 24. phew. 


  1. oh. my. gosh. i am in tears right now. what an amazing and inspiring story. praise God for these two!

  2. wow, elise. great post

    -Ryan G

  3. What an inspiring story and couple!

  4. Wow! What a first year. God wrote their story just like He is writing yours, all unique and perfect for each. Praise God she has been healed! Thanks for sharing.

  5. This story truly gives me chills. What an amazing example of sacrificial love!

  6. Such an inspiring story---thank you for sharing with us! Fantastic post!


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