so after excitedly posting about this last week,

i began to pack all of my beach clothes and swimsuits into my carry-on and sat by the door for two days waiting to leave. not exactly, but after having finished graduate school few things sounded better than 5 days in mexico with my mom. maybe five days in mexico with my mom and my husband. but, i was taking what i was getting.

we went for a wedding. have you ever been to a destination wedding? if not, start hoping now that someday someone you know will do everyone the favor of getting married somewhere that looks like this.

and then inviting people they love to come play with them there. for a week.

there were so many fantasti-cal things about this week-long wedding. even beyond the location.

for five days we lived in a little cabana resort together with 50 other people. we played volleyball and corn hole. we snorkeled and played in the ocean. we ate guacamole until we started turning green. we ate authentic mexican cuisine and lots of fresh seafood. we drank a lot of dos equis and pina coladas. 

we did yoga in the mornings and danced till our toes bled at night. 

we got sun tanned and sun burned. 

we became family by the end of it.

and, of course, the thing that brought us all there together was this sweet couple.

the most amazing thing about this whole wedding, at least for me, was seeing the community that these two people have created...everywhere they've gone. i have never been anywhere where every person i meet is the new most interesting person i've met. (it didn't hurt that at least half of them were from seattle). so it was at this wedding though...

they all had an energy and excitement for life that you don't see all the time. or very often at all. but this made perfect sense to me. because they are all friends with becca and john. so they were bound to be special.

john and becca met in virginia, moved to seattle, bought a sailboat, moved onto the sailboat, and moved to a tiny town in british columbia where they live on their sailboat and do lots of awesome things. you can read about their crazy adventurous life here.

superb timing, sailboat.

meet j & b.

later this week i'll share more adventures from our time in mexico. but here is a big congratulations to john and becca. can't wait for your virginia reception on saturday! 

then we can all pretend we are still in mexico.

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  1. Great Photos ! Laura and Paul and I are not bitter...


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