no sea turtles, but other stuff

hello friends! i promised that i'd share more about our trip to tulum. what i really wanted to show you was all the awesome photos of the sea turtles, fishies, and rays that i made friends with on one of the coolest snorkeling trips ever. sadly, our underwater camera is having some issues handing the photos over to my computer.

so no sea turtles for you.

and they were so cute too.

but here are some snapshots of the awesome little cabanas where we lived on the beach and played all week. plus some of the wedding festivities. are you sold on a destination wedding yet?

our cabana

my cute beach mamma.

bbq under the trees the night before.
the b & g on wedding day.

setting up for the wedding!

mother of the bride.
mamma and me after the ceremony.

p.s. this was my beach reading of choice. have you read it? it's one of my new favorites. don't read unless you find entertainment in hundreds of pages about food, cooking, and eating. if you love those things, i'll lend you the book. :)

happy thursday everyone! hope your weeks finish well. xo.


  1. Just added the book to my Amazon shopping cart. Woot.

  2. I RECOGNIZE THAT BOOK! I'm glad you kept my recommendation. :)


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