high-five for friday!

well hello. it has been two weeks since i've gotten to give you all high-fives for making it to friday. any fun weekend plans? surprisingly...we are heading up to virginia.

we are going to the US wedding of our friends who got married last week in tulum, mexico. i've never watched the same two people get married on back-to-back weekends. no complaints here though. and this time i'll be with the hubberz. and wearing shoes.

but first, here are five great things from this week. link up too and share yours!


one. celebrating our six-monthiverysary at one of our favorite places, watts grocery. if you've been to my blog before, you've probably heard the name. ad picked me up from the airport and took me straight out to celebrate. our tummies knew they had eaten too much...

but we kept right on. 

loved the sweet dins with ad. and the sweet strawberry-basil sorbet. 

p.s. when we got home, there were fresh flowers in every room. also sweet!

two. loco-pops. these things are amazing. and this time of year when it's hot and sunny, all i want to do is get my hands on a good popsicle. loco-pops is another thing that makes durham awesome. and my stomach happy. this week i had a strawberry-rhurbarb pop and a strawberry-coconut pop. what can i say, it's strawberry season around here. and they are loco-pops. what's your favorite pop?

three. yes, this one is about food too. it's strawberry season in north carolina!!! the markets are gushing strawberries and i can't stop eating them. wednesday, ad and i went to the market and got some yummies. the strawberries are gonzo already. look at all the goodies that are finally in season and ready for me to indulge in:
asparagus, arugula, squash, eggs, bread, and strawberries!! 

glory, glory.

the world's cutest strawberry.

four. ad, while mom and i were laying on the beach in mexico, refinished our kitchen table. he found "meb" last year and fell in love. i liked him but couldn't get past the oil and grease stains of an old work table. i have been cleaning it for a year straight but it refuses to lose. so, adam sanded it down, removed all the layers of ick, and refinished it. how beautiful does it look! and sanitary...

i love you meb! sorry for doubting that you had it in you to be so lovely.


five. mexico! and all the sweet one-on-one time i got to spend with that special mamma of mine. who knows if we'll ever get 6 days in a row to just hang out with each other again (not to mention at the beach). it was such a gift. and i get to head up to virginia today to see my sister, brother in-law, and some more of mamma! can't wait to celebrate mother's day with everyone next week!

i hope that you enjoy your weekends too--wherever they might find you and whomever you are with! lots of love. and happy cinco de mayo tomorrow!


  1. LOVE IT. i love loco pops! NOMNOMNOM! also, we have a VERY Similar farmhouse style kitchen table. we are so similar!! have a great weekend :) :) xoxoxo

  2. watts grocery is on my list of places to go! i'm going to surprise my roommate with brunch there one day soon. i love that your list is 90% about food.

    1. haha, yes. is it a problem when most of what you are thankful for each week is food related...? definitely go to watt's! it has never disappointed!


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