high five for friday!

happy friday, everyone.

can you even believe that NEXT week it will be june? for lots of people i know that means the month of their wedding, anniversary, birthday, new baby, long awaited vacation...for us it means CRAZY month. traveling every weekend. every single one of them. but only to good places where fun will be had. so we are greatly anticipating the arrival of month six. and the long nap we'll take afterward.

but gosh, i always get so far ahead of myself. today, i'm reflecting just on this past week. i'm linking up with lauren and sharing my top five things. want to link up too? it's easy-peasy. just click the button. 


a durham bulls game with two of my very favorite couples. first game of the season for ad and me. we lost, but it was still a winner of an outing.

these two lovely things which i purchased with a sweet giftcard from the in-laws. thank you so much! doesn't feel right to be unemployed and still get to shop!  

(but, in navy)

an afternoon at the raleigh farmer's market with adam. usually we go to the durham market, but the state one is so big and fun that sometimes we branch out and drive the 35 minutes. we always get ice cream there after we finish our shopping. treat for being good i guess. this week they had a trail mix ice cream. my word. met some lovely farmers and cheese makers from here and here too. the marinated feta from prodigal farm is not even fair. we've put it in frittata, pasta, and on adam's sandwiches already this week. i pray it never runs out.

spending an afternoon with my friend courtney's sweeeeeet little guy yesterday. i could play trains, soccer, and songbook all day with him. i figured that while i am a free lady i should probably help my mamma friends out as much as possible. gives me cute kids to play with, something to do, and makes things easier for them too! win-win-win. 

peaches!!!!!!! it's finally peach season in the south and we are luuuuuving it. we've already made peach ice cream, put peaches in oatmeal, and eaten so many of them whole, juice all down our shirts and hands. the glory of the overlap between strawberry and peach season. the possibilities are endless!

welp, that's all for now. i must be running. off to charlottesville for the weekend. :)

hope you all have the loveliest of memorial day weekends! any fun plans??


  1. yay virginia!!! hope you have an awesome weekend girl!

    1. thanks! always awesome when we're in va. love it!!


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