hive five, or more

truth: everyday feels like friday when you are grad-gi-ated and unemployed. 

but still, i feel a bit of relief as the weekend arrives and like most fridays, today i'm linking up with lauren and remembering five good things from the week. i missed last week so i may have a few more than five to report...the more the merrier.

one. having my mom, my dad, my sister, my brother, my brother in-law, petyon, my god-brother, my uncle, my mom's best friend, and my husband all in my house last week. everywhere i turned there was someone i loved. sometimes there were even five of them in my ity-bitty kitchen...

but i adored every minute. and i miss having a full house.

two. my parents bought a house 25 minutes from us in north carolina on saturday!!! i can't express my joy. they will only be there about half the time. the other half they'll still be in seattle. but hey, it's so much better than having them 3,000 miles away 95 percent of the time. according to my math...

three. graduating from duke.

four. eating my weight in strawberries.

five. this and this recipe both of which i made this week in attempt to use up my abundance of strawberries.

six. signing up for the city of oaks half marathon. it's in raleigh and in november, meaning it will probably be the perfect temperature. can't wait to get my race on. 

seven. getting a gift certificate to this restaurant in durham. one we've always wanted to try, but never wanted to go broke trying. thank you bo and family!

eight. my cute new lemon juicer. with which, i made the most delicious strawberry (surprised?) lemonade ev-er. just ask steph if you don't believe. thanks peyton for the recipe and for picking out that adorable juicer. (anthro)

nine. an unexpected visit yesterday from one of my dearest friends and just generally favorite people, steph glover. sitting outside on our porch. drinking said strawberry lemonade. catching up. loved loved loved it.

ten. my mom gave me one of the most special gifts ever for graduation. she has this necklace that used to be my grandmom's. before that, it was my great aunt's. i borrow it from time to time, but for graduation, she gave it to me. it's beautiful and extremely sentimental. one of my favorite things is that it's opal--the birthstone of all three of the most important men in my life: husband, dad, and brother. love having it on my neck. thanks mom, grandbetty, and aunt nellie! proud to be wearing something so many splendid women wore before me.

guess this week it is a high-ten. did i earn the credits skipping a week? just so much to be grateful for in this life of mine and i love recalling it each week. what do you have to be grateful for this week? you can link up too! (just click the button below).


splendific weekends to you all!




  1. aw! so many joyful and happy things! congrats on your graduation!! i'm so excited for you that your parents will be around more often. what a treat!

    1. thanks marcy! it will be quite a treat indeed!

  2. you are SO adorable! i love all of these high fives!!!

  3. Congrats on graduating!!

    And that is a very cute dress in the last couple pics =) what a special necklace your mom gave you :)

    1. thanks courtney! i found it on the sale rack at anthro recently. they probably still have it. :)

  4. So happy the juicer is getting some use already! Paul helped pick it out too... he has good anthro taste!


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