learning to rest.

on the second monday of unemployment, things i am grateful for:

-time to make and eat good breakfasts.
-time to sit and enjoy that second cup of coffee.
-time to run every day if i want. particularly since i need to get ready for this.
-time to sit and read my Bible and pray and spend time with my creator. said cup of coffee in hand.
-time to pray for my husband, my family, my friends, and for those i don't even know.
-time to work on fun projects for corrine's wedding...less than two weeks away.
-time to catch up with sweet friends and talk about God, and discernment, and hard decisions, and relationships, and climbing mountains.
-time to make good meals for my husband. 
-time to clean the master bathroom, which was much, much needed.
-time to take my computer to the apple store so the person at the "genius bar" can tell me why it's being such a stink lately.
-time to reflect, and blog. :)
-time to get lunch with friends who i haven't seen in awhile.
-time to take care of my herbs and plant new ones.
-time to reflect on this amazing sermon that my pastor preached yesterday.

we are currently working through the book of hebrews. yesterday's sermon talked about the rest that God gifts us with. not just one day a week on the sabbath, but everyday, and eternally with Him as well. he challenged us that even while we are working, our souls can be at rest because we realize that our work does not define us. we can sleep at night, and have confidence to shut off our minds, knowing that God does not sleep and that even while we are resting, He continues to work in our "situations." 

God wants to make space in our lives for us to rely on Him. that's why he gives us rest, and requires that we take it. sabbath is not a break from our primary pursuits, it is our primary purpose. resting in him.

he also challenged us with this. (really got me...) "priority" is a superlative. it can only really be singular, or else it doesn't really mean what we say it means. aka, we can't have "priorities." it's like having "favorites." if you have more than one, then you do not really have a "favorite." we have a priority. and that priority is what determines how everything else in our lives shakes out. if we make anything other than God our priority, then we give it power to define our life and who we are, rather than our creator. 

i'm grateful this monday morning that this weekend i rested from job searching and all of the thoughts and craziness that goes along with it. i'm grateful that this weekend while i rested, and put jobs out of my mind altogether, 

played tennis and took strolls on the trail with ad, went the farmer's market and made good meals, hung out with friends and ate homemade peach ice cream, shopped at my favorite store with a sweet gift card (thanks to my parents in-law), went on a date with my favorite man, watched a movie while snuggling in bed,

God continued to work in my life, my circumstances, and prepare my next step for me.

praise God for rest, and for work. and especially for rest in the midst of work. praise God that this monday i feel energized, rested, and ready to continue faithfully pursuing what God has for me next. 

do you feel challenged to find God's rest even while working? how has God been challenging you to find rest in Him? seriously, listen to this sermon if you have time. it really shook us nelsons up a bit!


  1. oh my gosh - that priority thing got me. dang. phew. that's awesome you go to Summit - i've heard great things about JD - my husband used to go there back in the day! we go to newhope. having a strong church home is so important!!

    and man, i may need to take a listen to that sermon.

  2. such a perfect blog honey =)


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