local love

(yes, i used the "l" word. boy have things changed...)

so this place called durham has slowly grown on me. i still jump out of my skin with excitement when we make plans to go back to charlottesville for the weekend, but there really are some great things about this current town of mine. like this, this and this.

so here is another totally rad thing about dumb ol' durham. 

there is a huge spirit of entrepreneurship here. resulting, in lots of incredibly unique businesses and not a ton of the normal ho-hum stuff you see everywhere. for instance, we have over 40 food trucks. they park at local places and they get mad business. some of them are completely gourmet, most depend on local food sources, and one of them even serves the best scoop you can find in town. this site keeps track of where they all are at every moment. so you can always know where to find your favorite grub truck. 

why not, right?

another favorite durham establishment is fullsteam brewery. this is ad's go to place any day he can convince me, or anyone else, or the neighbor's dog to go with him. they also make his favorite beer of all time. it's in an old wear house, has picnic tables, pool, a stage where local musicians jam, and quite a few of their own delicious brews. very simple set up, but always crawling. people can even bring their pups in. or their neighbor's dog...

not to mention, they always have a food truck or two parked out front.  

even cooler, on wednesday evenings, the bull city running company and fullsteam have a running event called "fullsteam ahead! run club."  anyone can run. you start from fullsteam, run for awhile, and then return to fullsteam where everyone drinks good beer, sits either in or outside, visits with strangers, and enjoys the pie pushers and parlour trucks that set up camp there every wednesday for this party. 

run. eat pizza. drink beer. eat ice cream. it's not rocket science. but this place really has it figured out.


do you live in durham too? what are some of your favorite things about it? what other towns have cool things going on? just love how creative a community of people can be and feel lucky to be living here! 

ps, also excited to go see our aaa baseball team, the durham bulls, play tomorrow with some great friendlies!


  1. So glad to hear that Durham is a great spot since I will be spending lots of time there. Can't wait to get our "little get away place" all ready.

  2. i have a friend who does that full steam run all the time!! have fun at the bulls game :) :) i just love the american tobacco district, period.


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