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not all people like games. for instance, my dad and brother. growing up i would always beg for "family game nights". i don't mean nights when we'd all gather around and watch a duke game...those were a given in the jordan household. i mean nights where you make dinner than can be eaten downstairs on the ground and pull out some good old fashion games. and play them. it was like pulling teeth. if ever i mentioned the words "game" & "night" in one sentence and the sentence wasn't, "who all is coming over for the duke game tonight" my family would squeamishly scatter to different rooms of the house in such a way that they could not be wrangled. not if i tried by darndest. 

what is the deal??

i made a vow that i would always play games in my family once i grew up. and, as a result, adam and i do play a lot of games. 

how about you? are you a game-night type person? do you have weekly, monthly, or just random game nights? what are your favorite games to play?

here are ad's and my favorite games:

(in no particular order)

bananagrams. this is our newest acquisition. we love it. adam always wins because even when i finish first, i always have misspelled words in mine when he checks. and so i have to forfeit. have you played? it's really fun.

ticket to ride. thank you chelsea and marty for introducing us to this ridiculously fun game. it's fun with two but even more fun with 3-5. so when people are over, we love to pull this one out. it's won some sweet awards, and deservingly. love this one!

apples to apples. best in big groups, but always a crowd pleaser around the guild/morgan/nelson gang. particularly if it takes place in an ice cream shop where everyone can enjoy a scoop or two while playing. usually makes me laugh my head off.

cribbage. adam and emily grew up playing this game with their dad. so to become part of the family, i had to learn. em and bobby put it in our "honeymoon suite basket" after our wedding so we took it to italy with us and played a lot. it made the layovers and plane rides much more entertaining. we still play all the time. adam usually wins this one. 

scatergories. not ad's favorite...but i love it. it was one of those ones that i grew up playing (sometimes by myself) and i still love it. definitely more fun with a group. but sometimes, because he really loves me, ad will play with just me.

catch phrase. you should have seriously questioned my gaming judgement if this game hadn't been on here. again, you need a group, and an even number of players. this has brought laughter to many-a-christmas evenings (gail prosser...), small group parties, boring classes in high school, and retreats.

ok, if i have more than six can they still count as "favorites?" well, in case none of the above suit your fancy, 

espn scene it
of course,
are always great options too.

what are some of your favorite games? want to come play with us sometime? we usually provide some scoops and/or beverages. but don't count on us letting you win...


  1. love your favorites, too. i would add MUSIC catch phrase. you can sing (or i sometimes choose to dance out) verses of the song (not title, though) to get your team to guess. so ridiculously fun.

    1. ooooh! didn't even know that existed. sounds like a great time! thanks marcy!

  2. We Love games too! You guys need to come and play more with us!

    Try Killer Bunnies (great for groups)
    Race for the Galaxy (great two player)

    1. yes, we need more game dates. even if we were supposed to go hiking...


  3. love it!! i need to play bananagrams. i've heard it's so fun but have never played!

  4. LOVE game nights! I try to casually persuade Bobby to play Skip-Bo with me. My latest obsession: Rummikub.

    1. oooh, rummikub. i used to love that game. totally forgot about it though! and how on earth did i forget skip-bo?? so fun. except when em just gets 20 skip-bos in a row...


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