the one who went to duke with me.

all weekend, i kept thinking, "it feels like i was just doing this", 

walking the lawn at UVA with my green and ivory balloons--a best friend on either arm, and then some. 

this time is was so different though. the person who i really felt i had experienced duke with the most was my husband, not my sorority sisters. my husband who worked to help pay my tuition, went to the campus gym with me, jumped up and down with me at basketball games, supported me while i was a stressy mess, allowed me to go far away to do research, sat in the back of the room as i defended my thesis, and loved and encouraged me so well. during the ceremony, i felt like he should have been sitting right next to me. sharing in the accomplishment.  

because he really did go to duke with me.

thanks ad, for doing this with me and sharing in this accomplishment. love you, love you, love you to the moon and back.



ps, check out this beautiful dress that adam picked out for me as a graduation present. all by himself. i'm in love.



  1. Such a sweet post, what an awesome hubby you have =)

    1. thanks! yes, he is the sweetest. thanks for reading courtney!

  2. awwwww i love this. and HOLY MOLY i love that dress!!! so pretty!!

  3. Appropriate tribute to Adam, for the care and encouragement he has always so steadfastly provided for you... Not to mention his GREAT taste in dresses! But truth be told, that dress doesn't look half as glorious on that model as it did on you there in Durham!

    1. tanks daddy-o. you always know the correct thing to say. :)


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