redemption on my griddle

i cannot stop making/eating these pancakes. 

as a person with a lot of dietary restrictions, i have never really tried to purchase all of the "substitute" goods. let's be honest, no matter how hard people try, if you take all of the grains out of a cupcake, it just ain't going to be the same. if you take the flour out of a bagel, it will taste like cardboard. so, in general, i do not buy all of those insanely expensive "gluten free, wheat free, grain free, taste free" products. i just do without them.

there are few exceptions:

i will hunt and hunt and hunt until i find a truly delicious allergy-free pizza. this one is pretty good. but it always looks pathetic next to adam's gourmet whole foods pie.

brixx's is pretty good.
mellow mushroom's is ok.
lily's must have corn in it because it did some cruel things to me.

but, let me tell you something now. right now. please listen. particularly if you have weird allergies like me.

i was visiting my friend laura and her roommate (who shares some of my issues) was making pancakes. double-take...yes, i said pancakes. i demanded to know what she was using and she showed me the bag. told me it changed her life.

well, friends, it has changed my life too. pancakes for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, pancakes for dinner. i don't care, i will eat them. and then more of them. i can finally smother something in homemade jam and/or mapley-syrup and stuff my face with the delight of it all. 

the only grain it contains is rice. conveniently, the one grain that i can eat. not even a trace of corn. 

this week, while enjoying the leisurely mornings of unemployment, i made them twice. by myself. who makes a pancake breakfast for one? apparently i do. and i'm just not ashamed in the least. i feel like after years of missing out, redemption has come in the form of a hot cake (or two) on my griddle. i like them better than i remember pancakes tasting back in the day. seriously.

apparently this mix can also be used to bake other things. i wouldn't know. i am so stuck on pancakes. 

has anyone else tried this? am i exaggerating? do you love it as much as i do?

ps, it's not too too pricey either!


  1. We have used that brand. It is very good. I just recently purchased Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Deliciously G-Free cookbook and made her pancake recipe. Loved them! She also has a waffle recipe we will try as well. So far everything I've made has been delicious. She does have a pizza recipe. We have not tried it yet, but I bet it will be great.

    1. oooh, i may just have to look into that. heading to amazon now...

      thanks. :)

  2. Ahhh, I MUST try these! I went GF about 6 months ago and it's no fun to miss out on delicious treats. I actually just found an amazing cookie mix (King Arthur Flour brand), but I don't know if you will be able to have it because you said you have a lot of other allergies.

    Your blog is super cute! Congrats on your recent graduation!
    New follower :) xoxo

    1. thanks kate! you're so sweet, and i'm so glad to have you following!

      i've heard of king arthur cookie mix, but sadly it has other things in it i can't eat. :( ahh, what i would do for a huge chocolate chip cookie though...

  3. I love Pamela's! Very yummy pancakes! I am gluten free too!

  4. i'm never tried it but now i want to!!

  5. yummmmm. must try the pancakes. thanks for sharing!

    next time you're in town i must treat you to the world's best gluten free brownie. you'll want one to eat and another to just smash in your face and delight in the glory of.

    1. oh my word. where does such a brownie exist? coming soon, and taking you up on that!

  6. local bakery sold at whole foods. yum.


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