strawberry heaven

i know, i know, i can't stop talking about my love affair with strawberry season. don't worry, once it's peach season my loyalty will quickly change. but that's what's great about the seasons--they each bring yummy things to your tummy that you have to wait for and anticipate. and then indulge in while they last.

so, this morning, my mom, gail, and i went to pick strawberries.

we had this and this recipe in mind for my party tomorrow. so, it was clear we were going to need berries.

once we got to this cute little farm, we started picking. and we picked and picked and picked and picked. until we filled 7 buckets. per usual, the berry picking field was filled with young mothers and their young children. every time i pick berries, no matter the type, this is crowd and run into. so there i was, with both my mothers, taking in a sunny southern morning in the middle of the most fragrant field i've ever smelled...

we were so enjoying ourselves we didn't realize just how many berries we picked. turned out to be 38 pounds. yes, i said 38 pounds. we were surprised too.

so what does one do with 38 pounds of strawberries? yeah, you might ask.

one. eat a bunch on the ride home.
two. use them as a car freshener. i wonder how long my car will smell like a strawberry field.
three. make strawberry pie. check. (see link above for recipe)
four. make strawberry-basil sorbet. later today. (see link above for recipe)
five. freeze some for smoothies/yogurt/ice cream/etc. later.
six. give some to your sister and brother in-law when they come to town tomorrow.
seven. leave some in the mailbox for the mail lady...should i?
eight. snack on some more.
nine. make strawberry shortcakes for your husband.
ten. put them on salad.
eleven. make strawberry shortcake cookies like allyson.
twelve. strawberry milkshakes.
thirteen. strawberry lemonade
fourteen. jam!
fifteen. put them in pancakes.
sixteen. sangria.
seventeen. mojitos.
eighteen. popsicles!!!
nineteen. cover them in chocolate.  
twenty. die and go to strawberry heaven.

what would you do with a bunch of strawberries? ( slash, do you want some?)


  1. I LOVE THIS. i need to go there! that farm is SO close to where i live!!

  2. I might make this.

    A new favorite of mine is spinach and strawberry salad with almonds, chicken and poppy seed dressing!

  3. I echo the spinach and strawberry salad. I have a yummy dressing recipe for that if you're interested. :)

  4. Yes sister and brother in law want some!!!

  5. Have the greatest time with all the berries and all the family and friends this weekend. You are loved.



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