back on the right coast, staying put.

last weekend the nelsons travelled to san francisco, 

marking the fifth of five weekends in a row of traveling for us. phew. june, it's been real. july, we're just going to chill for a bit. durham, we've been missing you. i said it. 

so, about that list of things we (i) wanted to do while in ca--as it turned out, we were having such a stinking good time with wedding events and hanging with our best friends from (high) school, we didn't even make it into the city! we hung out in half moon bay, visited some micro breweries in santa cruz, and drove up and down the pacific coast highway everywhere we went. who was i kidding? i've never being a city girl--especially when this is the alternative:

give me some ocean, blue skies, and a sweet man to sit next to on that bench seat--and you can pretty much bet i'll give up my hankering for a visit to ghirardelli. or trolley cars.

but, the sweetest thing of the whole weekend was witnessing this sweet couple's marriage. 


there is nothing more refreshing than two people getting married who really get what marriage is about. and who it is about. and these two, 


i'm excited for them to experience the joys of newlywed life together now. and everything after that too.

congrats joann and david.

(and thanks for having a wedding in such a beautiful place!) 



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  1. ahhh that looks gorgeous!! so glad you had a good time :)


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