comments on being married, month eight

as of yesterday, i have been married to adam william for eight months. 

a comment or two, if i may.

i love to snuggle. i have since i was a little girl. adam has taken to calling me his barnacle. it's kind of a strange term. but i'm ok with it. we have a lot of strange nicknames. and a lot of strange conversations. we're weird, but weirdest with one another. sometimes it feels like we have secret personalities, the two of us. we don't hide them from everyone else. but they really come alive with only one another. which is probably a good thing. it's hard to explain. 

and, while i've found we save our best for one another, i think we sometimes also save our worst. we are learning more each day about how to show grace and give benefit of the doubt. but it can be difficult. grace usually comes at a price, and we have to be willing to cover it. often that price is humility. or patience. or both.

you know, i know i'm annoying. like Jo mentioned, we all are.

-i have lethal morning breath. no matter what i do.
-i use twenty kitchen items to prepare a meal that could have been prepared with five.
-even when i get in bed last, i make adam go turn out the light because i don't like getting in bed in the dark.
-my bangs are crazy when i first wake up.
-i leave the laundry in the dryer and forget to fold it.
-i drive my car when it's on empty forever because i hate getting gas.
-i am obsessive compulsive about having my water bottle. 
-i am pushy when we are going to be late, even when we aren't running late.
-i leave the stove and oven on and forget about them. 

and adam can be annoying too. but you know, so what? 

marriage has taught me a lot about humaness. the good and the bad. but also just the freeing feeling of knowing that:

he knows i'm human, and i know he's human. and being ok with this. getting over it. showing grace, because it's freeing for both people. and just loving each other again, every day. 

in eight months of marriage, i've learned the same thing over and over. we love each other not because we are lovable. but,

because Christ first loved us. 

i'm just grateful to have a husband who is willing to put that into action.

love you heaps ad. and thanks for loving me, even when i have morning breath and crazy bangs. and worse.



  1. Elise, thanks for sharing in honesty . I wish blogs were around when I first got married 30 years ago. Great for processing and sharing reality in a good light. It is an encouragement to me especially as I look forward to the first of my 3 sons getting married 6 months from today.

    Cindy V.

    1. thanks for reading cindy! and for your kind words. i'm excited for jarrett and i wish your family all the best as you prepare for such an exciting time!

  2. i love this!! i am finding a lot of the same things in my four months of marriage. and it only gets better every day :)

    1. so true! i keep wondering, so what's the catch? and finding there doesn't have to be one. what a gift God has created for us in marriage!

  3. It's fun to read your blogs! Sounds like you're finding out marriage is not all fun all the time. Sometimes it's hard and you get on each others nerves. Gary Thomas says, "God didn't create marriage to make us happy, but make us holy." We learn to be more Christ like through marriage and are able to un earth qualities like grace, peace, and forgiveness. :)

    1. well put emily! and thanks for reading. :) and what i've really found is that there is so much joy in showing grace to one another. because it makes everything easier and more freeing. luckily, marriage still feels pretty fun and easy, but we are glad to be learning these things now so that when it gets harder (post newlywed stage?) we'll have been "made more holy" and we'll be able to respond in a Godly way! hope marriage has been a blessing for you too and teaching you a lot too!

  4. i just watched both of your wedding videos, and i could watch them again and again and again. so beautiful! happy 8 months!

    1. thanks lacey! we love them too. videography is the #1 thing i'd recommend to folks getting married. nothing compares to getting to watch it over and over! you are so sweet. :)


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