feeling peachy

yesterday, in the mail, we got a box full of peaches, strawberry syrup, and strawberry preserves. you see, adam's best man trevor's family owns one of my favorite local spots in gig harbor. named, appropriately enough, local boys

trevor is always very proud of the produce and other local products that he sells at local boys. but each summer he seems especially proud of his peaches. i can remember showing up one day with my dad and having him shove a peach in each of our mouths. customer service, folks. i know in the south we are pretty proud (snobby) about the quality of our peaches. it's true. and the south can keep the peach prize. but by golly, every year when i try trev's peaches, they taste about as good as any peaches i've had. southern or not.

and with all the love in these ones that travelled all the way from washington, they are even better. 

and they tasted delicious on our breakfast this morning.

do you live in gig harbor? if you do, head to local boys. try some peaches. support your local farmers. support our great friend trevor. and if this cute pup is there, give him a big hug for us too. 

hheeeey samba. 

hope your week is shaping up to be just as peachy as ours!

ps, thanks trev! you are the best.


  1. peaches are my FAVORITE! i've been wanting to try one of those produce delivery services...

    still being [molly]

  2. yes! they are so good. especially the messy/juicy ones!

    we thought about trying a csa or produce delivery service but we realized we love going to the farmer's market too much! and it's way cheaper...but here is one that i hear people around these parts like if you are interested!


    we tried it for a little bit. seemed good!

    1. We have been eating some fabulous Halifax county peaches...indeed mouth watering!


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