high five for (hot) friday!

happiest of fridays to you friends!! and boy is it a hot one here in north cackalacky. check this out:

but we nelsons don't mind some extreme heat. 

i say that now. 

before we get started with this scorcher of a weekend, here are my top five favorite things from this week. as usual, i'm linking up with lauren and many other lovely bloggers. you can share your favorite five things too. just click this button.


i had an oovoo date with my three best gals. all at once. i have a picture to prove it. seeing all of their faces in one place made my heart so happy. two were in virginia, one was in germany, and one in nc. thank you oovoo for helping us deal with our geographical harships.

it's officially okra season. i have been harassing every farmer in durham and wake county about when okra was coming. well, come it has. i bought all the okra that one farmer had at the market on wednesday. he said i could. some of it was purple!

tonight we are meeting some friends at the north carolina museum of art for the summer movies series. they show the films outside in the park. the film tonight: ET. we will all be taken back to ours, and drew barrymore's, childhood. while trying not to get eaten alive by bugs. do you live in the rdu area? you should check out the summer movies at ncma sometime too!
tomorrow my parents get to nc to move into their new house. :) pinch me. can't wait to squeeze them both and welcome them to the right coast!

today marks my eighth month of being married to this sweet man. we'll most likely watch our wedding video for the hundredth time (still can't get enough...) and say cheers to the sweetest eight months of our lives. love you ad. happy eight months of marriage. 

in five hundred and ninety two more months, we'll be celebrating our fiftieth anniversary. 

(EK photography)

(EK photography)

and, with that, i wish you all a very wonderful weekend. hope it's just the best. and that you don't melt if you live somewhere as hot as we do.



  1. awwwww this make me smile!!! i NEED to check out that summer movie series. that looks AWESOME!

  2. okay... so i just watched your wedding video and engagement video and i hope you don't think it's creepy how much i love you guys! AHHHH. so gorgeous!!!!

    1. molly you are the sweetest. we love our videos too, such talented people put them together! we look at them even more than our photos. and yes! you should check out summer movies! i've never been but i'll let you know how it is after tonight!

      thanks for reading girl.


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