i thought i wasn't. but i am.

this weekend i was in a wedding in charleston. i spent a lot of time with awesome girls. and, we talked a lot about crying:

"do you cry at weddings? did you cry at your wedding? will you cry tomorrow? where will you hide your tissues? how weepy will corrine be as she comes down the aisle? how weepy will pierce be? will corrine see pierce start to cry and then lose it or will pierce see corrine start to cry and lose it? do you have waterproof mascara? will you need waterproof mascara?

we are girls. and it was a wedding. so we talked about crying.

when asked if i thought i'd cry i told the other girls that i rarely cry. i told them that the only time i really cry is when i am really frustrated or really scared. 

but today, i realized that that's not exactly true. because today as we arrived back in durham and i let two of my sole-mate best friends, laura and jen, get in their car and drive off to northern virginia, i started crying. i remember when i was little i used to cry so much when i had to say goodbye to friends. when i was about six, my best friend sarabeth moved to texas. i wept and wept and wept when their big suburban drove away. in elementary school one of my best friends had to leave my school, i was beside myself...cried like a baby. back then it was usually my dad's arms that i was falling into, helpless with tears. today is was adam's.

so apparently, 

i cry when i'm frustrated,
or saying goodbye to friends.

but i also realized this weekend that although i didn't cry during most of my wedding, the two times i absolutely LOST it were 1. when amber porter started praying over me before the ceremony and 2. when we were singing how great thou art. so i guess, i also cry when i'm overwhelmed by who God is and how much He loves me.

and God's love.

these things make me cry.

and also cutting onions.

i thought i wasn't much of a crier.

apparently i am.

are you a crier? what makes you cry? do you embrace your crier-ness/lack thereof?

laura, me, and jen at the rehearsal dinner. not crying yet.


  1. Anything wedding related totally makes me cry. Engagements, receptions, dress shopping, you name it, I'll be the one crying. I love love love what you said about God's presence too. There will be just some amazing times when I'm at church and I can just feel Him all around me. Sometimes you just can't hold it in. Great post!

    1. thanks kara! haha, you sound like my sister. :) she has such a soft heart and weddings get her crying so much!

  2. i am totally a crier. i wasn't a crier before, but i hit 25 and then BAM. crier.

    1. haha, so funny how that happens and how we change. maybe our hearts get softer over time?

  3. My sister was my "date" to a friend's wedding this past weekend. My sis has never met the bride; still she cried. "I always cry at weddings," she said as she wiped tears away.

    Cool to learn about my self-possessed sister. She always cries at weddings.

    1. haha, laura always cries too. :) she was weeping coming down the aisle at her REHEARSAL. but i bet that doesn't surprise you much does it. i love her to death!


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