three year-olds and cocktails.

this week i am hanging out with 3 year-olds. what else would a recent masters graduate do? it's kids week at the summit church (think vbs, but avoiding the term "school" all together). three year-olds are giggly, energized, usually have snot protruding from their nostrils, and quick to love anyone who will play or jump around doing silly motions with them. they also sometimes cry for no reason. they have to use the bathroom every ten minutes. they aren't always the best of listeners. they get freaked out by loud noise. and sometimes, they are really hard to understand when they speak.

i just can't get enough of my little class. i think, they are the best. 

snot, tears, and all.

that said, tonight i get to hang out with some grown up friends. i am looking forward to this more than i realized after my day with the little ones. we are having a b.y.o.m. to grill party + sides. nelsons are in charge of a cocktail. i love a good summer cocktail. here is what i chose for tonight. what do you think? what is your favorite summer cocktail? 

ps, i also want to try this and this cocktail.


  1. So jealous ya'll get to taste that! :) Let me know how it is, E!


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