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before we were married i wondered how we would do things in our new family. would we do things like his family does them? like mine does? a different way all together? was there a right equation for blending the two or was it going to just fall into place? or was it going to be a disaster?

the things you are so confused about before you are married,

are sometimes the things that happen with the least amount of thought once you are.

we never talked about that fact that we'd buy 1% milk. he always drank 2%. i always drank skim. one day, we realized that we always buy 1%. i chuckled, wondering how that had happened.

we do some things like his family,

homemade applesauce,
sourdough pancakes,
cowboy caviar,
watching lots of tennis,
cribbage and other fun games,
sailing (when we can),

we do some things like my family,

folding shirts and towels,
husband making coffee every morning,
living in the south,
eating great meals after church,
drinking whiskey (adam...)

but, as it turns out, most of what we do has evolved kind of naturally based on, well, what makes most sense to us.

we have a system where one person makes dinner, and the other person cleans up, 
we have found that we like it best when we do both, together.
we rarely eat out.
for some reason, we usually have frittata for dinner on thursdays.
we buy produce that is local, mostly from the farmer's market.
we don't eat much meat.

we leave our shoes all over the house.
we each use our own dirty laundry hamper.
we don't have cable.
we like to run together in the evenings before dinner.
we go to church on saturday nights and small group on tuesday nights.
we always sleep on the same sides of the bed, except for some nights when we switch.
we always sleep with our ceiling fan on medium.

we buy 1% milk.

some of marriage, you can prepare for.
most of marriage, you figure out as you go.
some things, you never mean to figure out, they just happen. 
and then one day you realize, this is just how we do it. 

what are some of the things that you "do."
how did they start?
do you do things more like "his" family or "hers"? 
or do you do things entirely differently than either?

i'm sure there is no right combination. i'm curious to hear how others do it!


  1. i am in love with this post. i am not married, but this post really strikes me. i love how things in relationships just evolve and change without you even realizing it until, well, you realize it. little things become "your" little things. cute!

    1. thanks lacey! yes--that's exactly how i feel. and it's not just in relationships. doesn't so much of life happen that way. things are always changing and taking shape in one way or another. :) thanks for reading.


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