chasing the wind

last week might have been the craziest week of my life. 

-monday we put an offer in on our first home. my in-laws were in town visiting from washington.

-tuesday our offer was countered. big time.

-wednesday i didn't get the job i was sure i would get. we decided not to pursue the house any longer.

-thursday i got an email from someone at duke about a different position.

-friday i was offered a job. we put a counter offer on the house that evening.

-saturday morning i threw a baby shower.

-saturday afternoon we had more out of town company arrive.

-saturday evening we went back and forth with the sellers and finally agreed on an offer.

-sunday we went and played around in our new town--apex, nc. and celebrated our ninth month of marriage.

yesterday i was watching this guy and this lovely lady's two year old son. as we played thomas the train, ate animal crackers, and went on a walk to the fire station, i tried to wrap my mind around the difference between this monday and last. and how much had changed and happened in one week.

nothing happened for so long. then it did, all at once. have you ever experienced that?

the past few months of unemployment have tested my faith in God's timing and intimacy. they have also tested my pride, selfishness, and impatience. (just being honest.) the entire time our prayer has been that we would hold everything loosely, except Christ. even the things we want badly. we're studying ecclesiastes right now solomon's and conclusion seems to be this:

everything apart from God is meaningless--a chasing after the wind.

new house. new job. suddenly things are moving at full speed. but i'm praying that i keep chasing after Christ and not get swept away by the novelty of it all. 

that i'd keep chasing the giver and not the gifts.

have you ever had to learn this?


  1. oh goodness yes, every day. i feel like i'm constantly having to pull myself back from one thing or another and center back on Christ. i think the thing that, for me, helps the most, is having a husband who is so encouraging and having that time EVERY night, no matter what, that we spend in the Word. whether it's a quick devotional, a prayer at dinner, or our prayer before we go to sleep, or when we're reading through the new testament - that time in the Word always seems to hit me right where I need it at the right moment. you know? SO excited for y'all and your new venture - your new job, new town! SO exciting!

    1. yes--agreed. you really have to intentionally anchor yourself. it's so easy to get swept away if you don't!

      thanks girl. you rock.


    I read this the other day and it applied so much to where I'm at - and links well to what you've said, I think!

  3. congrats Elise and Adam! I am so so excited for you two. And I definitely get that whole 'everything happens at once' thing, it just seems to be the way of life. And you have it right-- just roll with it!


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