for scoops, thank you reagan.

news flash: today is national ice cream day!

i know, i didn't believe it either. a whole holiday dedicated to none other than, 

ice cream!  (you scream, we all scream!)

apparently while reagan was president he determined that july would be national ice cream month and that the third sunday would forevermore be national ice cream day.

adam and i heard the news while hanging out at eno river state park today. two ice cream lovers discovering that 1. there exists such thing as national ice cream day, and 2. that we were in fact living on national ice cream day at that very moment. we had to come up with a worthy celebration. so we headed here. we love maple view farm's ice cream (thanks to whole foods for keeping us hooked up). we keep promising each other that we'd make the trek to hillsborough someday and eat it at the source. so today, we did. phew.


we love their milk too!

rock a spell, while eating. ps, that dog was loving how drippy the little boy's cone was. 
the view from the rockers...lots of farm.

wikipedia says that reagan's decision was based on the fact that 90% of americans consume ice cream. i think it was because he knew that i was going to be born during his presidency. and that i needed another excuse to indulge in my favorite treat. 

either way, thanks reagan! hope you had a scoop or two yourself today.


  1. i. LOVE. ice cream! i'm so mad i didn't know about national ice cream day!!!! gah!

  2. :)

    i say just celebrate it today instead. no need to be picky about such a carefree holiday right...?

    have you ever been to maple view farm?


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