fourth, and first kisses.

july has mounted a sneak attack upon the nelson household. we keep looking at the calendar thinking, really? it's july? and today is july third. making tomorrow, july fourth. wowzers.

july the fourth happens to be a special day for adam and me. it was the day we officially went from being "just best friends" to "i'm going to try to kiss you and see what happens". when adam planted his first smooch on me, we were sitting on the rocks on the beach in steilacoom, wa. watching fireworks. i was seventeen. 

fourth of july became a special holiday for us. we'd go to the third of july rainiers game and watch the firework show after. some years we were on smooching terms. some years we were on "just friends" terms. but i tell you what, every time those fireworks started, we at least scooted a little closer. 

what are your fourth of july plans this year? do you have any special associations or memories with the fourth? growing up we always had a picnic and huge family softball game in north carolina. then we'd make homemade peach ice cream at night and set off fireworks. 

this year, my parents are here in north carolina. they just bought a home here. adam and i are going to have our first sleep over at their place tonight and start tomorrow with a big breakfast all together. in the afternoon we are going to hit up fullsteam (the one and only) for their fourth of july bash. the parlour ice cream truck may or may not be involved. and to finish the evening off, we'll head over to the durham bulls stadium for some good old fashioned baseball and fireworks. 

and luckily, this year we are on smoochin' terms. 

i'd love to hear about what you are doing, 
good ideas for family fun on the fourth, 
cool events going on! 
(yummy things you are making...)

i hope wherever you find yourself and whatever you do, the sun is shining (but maybe not 105) and the company is good (smooches, or none).



  1. I like your blog ;)

    Would you visit mine?

  2. You are just the sweetest, Elise! Yours and Adam's July memory is so adorable. I love that the Fourth means more than just Independence Day to you two. And I think your significance of that day is way better than America's...but that's just me. :) SINCE you asked, I'm actually around your original neck of the woods for the 4th this year--Washington! The fam and I are out here in the northwest for a wedding on Friday, but making the most of it in the meantime by doing some exploring. As far as 4th of July recipes...I did see something on pinterest about some cute and tasty-looking red, white & blue strawberries...! Anywho, happy Fourth. :D

    1. Sounds like a great place to spend the fourth megan! where did y'all end up exploring while you were in washington? we haven't been back there is so long it seems--i love hearing about other people getting to visit!

      thanks for your sweet comment. it's always fun to hear from you. i hope all is well with you!

    2. We're still here! :) We've been to Seattle, Sequim, the Olympic National Park & Hurricane Ridge, Mount St. Helens...we've done a lot! It has been awesome! I have a much greater respect for the state of Washington now. :)

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