this past week we have had some wonderful time with adam's parents. they travelled here from steilacoom, wa to spend a (hot) week with us in north carolina. they didn't melt in the heat, phew. we made sure to feed them good ice cream and milkshakes when appropriate. we got to show them our town, all around duke, our church, our baseball team (go bulls!), and even shared a delicious meal at our favorite restaurant in durham! 

my mother in-law even brought her insanity dvds with her and the two of us had a fun time with those. and by fun, i mean brutal. she is so athletic and totally inspired me to get into insanity myself. (have you ever tried it? what do you think?) 

we were sad to see them go tuesday morning. luckily we have a few sweet pictures (and lots of great memories) to remember the trip with. can't wait to see them next--on one coast or the other! 

miss you marc and cindy!


  1. sounds like an awesome week!! i have never tried insanity... i've heard it's... well... insane! LOL! :) original, right?

  2. haha afterward adam asked me "are you dead?" i said "no, i'm insane."

    that's how you a crazy person! do try though. it's fun.


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