high five for friday

i'm back high-fiving for friday with lauren. if you want to share five great things about your week, you can link up too!

one. throwing a shower for my sweet friend karen and her baby boy who is coming soon! 

two. getting to spend monday with this precious two year old. i've loved having time (in unemployment) to help my friends a bit and play with their kiddos. this week the big event was the full tour of the morrisville fire station that we got. and free fire hats! totally unexpected. thanks fireman chris!

three. getting a fresh haircut before my first day of work next week! i just adore my hair stylist. the way she does my hair, and just her. plus she is a duke fan.

four. the us women winning gold in gymanastics. i was tearing up when it happened. the ex-gymnast in me gets ridiculously psyched out for this stuff. so proud of gabby taking the gold in the all-around too. 

these girls work their (tight) little booties off. and now it's totally paying! 

five. the epic weekend that is about to happen. we are heading to annapolis to meet up with two of my very best friends (and meet a new boyfriend!) not to mention, i am finally getting that husband of mine back out into his natural habitat--on a sailboat, in the ocean. it's been a long time since my sailer man has gotten to sail. can hardly wait to see him back in action. 

aye aye skipper.

have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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  1. ah annapolis is so pretty!!!! can't wait to hear about it! have so much fun, girl!


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