on my last day of unemployment

it's here. the end of this three month hiatus from organized productivity. no longer a student (girl), not yet a working (woman)? i made no big plans for these last two days of unemployment. not trying to go out with a bang. just trying to do the million little things that will be harder to do once i begin work. like:

-enjoying leisurely breakfasts. and several cups of coffee.

-talk to my mom on the phone for as long as want.

-running with hubs.

-watch the last few gymnastics events of the olympics.

-watch any other olympic sports i feel like.

-grab coffee with this sweet thing.

-pin cool stuff.

-clean out several closets + the attic.

-oil changed and breaks checked.

-writing letters to a few friends.

-catching up on blogs that i love to follow.

-heading to a durham bulls game.

-taking a nap.


i'm determined to stay dedicated as ever to this dear old blog of mine even as i enter the working world. i started it when i became a graduate student--as an outlet. it quickly became a very favorite hobby of mine. my hope, is that even as a working woman it continues to be a creative outlet for me to share with and hear from all my sweet readers. happy tuesday friends! 

ps, what would you do with a few days of "unemployment?"


  1. ah the end of an era. you got this, girl. enjoy your free time! you deserve it :)

    1. thanks girl! you are such an ENCOURAGER!


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