sweet celebration

last weekend we got to celebrate baby boy barnes--who is arriving next month! karen is one of my fastest and dearest friends here in nc. we got to know each other in couples small group through our church. have you ever made a friend who you felt extremely comfortable with, instantly. that was karen. i'd known her for about a month when she decided she'd take the responsibility of preparing me for our wedding night--i'll never forget some of our "talks" while running at lake lynn. she is also the one responsible for me getting to eat at our wedding. so grateful!  

i just adore her. and adam and i could not be happier for the newest barnes to arrive. this i know already: he'll be handsome, smart, musical, and will have parents who love him and are eager to teach him about His creator. 

(and read him much biblical commentary.)

congrats karen and west. can't wait to meet your sweet boy!

ps, i did not have a camera. :( 

luckily, karen's mother in-law emailed me a few of the photos that she took!


  1. i have a couple friends like that i met through church and they mean the WORLD to me. those women that God puts into your life... such blessings!

    1. agreed! such blessings. how do people live without community??

  2. i love her dress! She does pregnancy well!

    great friends like that are a treasure!

    1. i know, she is the cutest pregnant thing ever. (does it make you want to take cute photos of her :) and yes! treasures indeed.


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