week one.

things i didn't expect to happen on the first week of work:

-actually meeting with a study patient.

-being starving by lunch everyday.

-being trained for three people's positions simultaneously because they have all given their two week's notice. 

-having a job position that is totally in flux due to (above).

-having to use a code to get into the bathroom.

-feeling like i have to pee more than anyone else in the office.

-making "work friends"(!)

-adoring my team and co-workers.

-being told it was ok to wear jeans to work on friday (and honestly any other day i wanted).

-coming home after day one and having my husband cook me dinner while i relax, drink wine, and stare at the pretty flowers he bought me. 

what a blessing it is to be working. to love my office, my desk, my folders and folders full of training materials. to not be counting down the hours to the end of the day, but having 5:00 sneak up on me. to be in an office where people come by your door and say "party in the breakroom!" on your first friday. and where the august ice cream party is an annual tradition. (i hope it's soon!) this is my kind of place. 

there have been times since may when waiting on Lord was harder than i thought. there was at least one day where i told adam that i thought getting my MSc was turning out to be a waste. i think i even cried a couple of times. how clear it is now that He was working in the details all along. 

He was waiting for the job with the ice cream parties to be open. yes, He knows me well indeed.


  1. I am so excited your week has been great! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you're enjoying the great new job. :)

  2. yay! i am so so so so so excited for you and your new job, elise! i know that the Lord is going to do AMAZING things in and through you and your new venture!


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