comments on being married, month eleven.

as we near our first anniversary, i've been thinking more about where our whole relationship began. how funny it is to think back to when we were kids! just yesterday, i was reading through a bunch of old emails we sent to each other back during the summer the sparks first flew. i was gone for a month visiting colleges and family. adam was home working on his boat and coaching sailing.

we were teenagers, and the emails sounded like it. adam's email address was it's humbling (in the humiliating kind of way) to go back and read the kinds of things you wrote when you were young and silly and had crushes on one another. but it was funny to see how so much of our relationship has remained the same. even as married adults:

-adam was witty and sarcastic and teased me about things a lot.
-i always took him too seriously when he'd joke...which would drive him crazy.
-we missed each other's companionship a lot when we weren't together.
-we talked a lot about sports and food.
-we enjoyed talking and sharing details about our days, lives, families, hearts...

in one of the emails, i'd just visited uva and told him "i have a feeling i'm going to go to uva adam. i can't begin to tell you how amazing it is. i will probably blab about it for 3 hours next time we talk." then he told me i should go to uw or he would move far far away and never come back. but really, that i should go to uva. and i did.

back then we never could have imagined being adults. being married to each other. living in north carolina. we'd have laughed in your face if you'd told us all that. 

me, the future mrs. nellynelz...

and now we've been married eleven months and it's hard to remember what it was like not to be married. 

but this ridiculous picture of us at a mariners game kind of helps me remember. adam, please don't kill me for this!

hehe, who would have imagined we'd someday be here:

love you adam! so glad this is where we ended up. here's to month twelve.

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