yesterday i got to meet my dear dear friend's new little bambino. owen looks just like his dad. and he is the tiniest cutest little thing you ever did see. i didn't think i'd ever be able to make myself stop holding him. or staring at him curled up in adam's arms... 

babies amaze me. as do mammas who take care of them when they are so little and delicate and helpless on their own. 

it's a beautiful thing to see one of your closest friends become a mother.

because i have a mom. 

a great mom.

and i think of her as a mom.


but my friends are my friends.

and to watch them become a mom to someone else makes me want to cry tears of mushy joy. because mom's are such amazing women. because i know that my mamma helped make me who i am. because now karen is a mamma too, to a child who is going to look at her and love her the way i love of my mamma. because what more beautiful role could there possibly be in the whole wide world? 

it was crazy to me to think that the last time i saw her she was just a cute (preggers) girlfriend who is fun to hang out with, fun to study the bible with, and fun to have girl time with at the beach in the summer...

and then yesterday, she had a little human being curled up on her chest. and he was hers. gosh, just the tenderest sight to behold.

so here's to friends.
and to moms.
and to friends who become moms.
and for friends and moms who give you hope and excitement for some day in the future when you'll be a friend who turns into a mom too. when you'll have your own little soft snuggly baby to smooch and take care of and love. and your mom and mom-friends--they'll be there to show you what in the world it means to be a mamma and to love a baby so so very much.

mushiness over. but really, babies. sigh. 

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