tell them those things.

this week’s chapter in our marriage study is about men. husbands, specifically. it’s kind of tough on them to be honest. good tough, i think. but tough nonetheless. in the homework section for wives, it asked us to think about areas where we would love to see our husband grow. so i wrote a couple of things. 

but then, it asked us to reflect on things about our husbands that we really appreciate. and then it asks us how often we tell them those things. and i had a pretty long list. but i wish i told adam/thanked adam more often for these things:

-you can laugh our way out of an argument with me. even when you don’t really feel like it.

-you are so helpful. i don’t know a better way to say that. but, you are just so quick to help me.

-you work really hard to support us.

-you are such a handyman. you know how to do so many things!

-you take your role as leader seriously. and you enjoy being around other men who challenge you in it.

-you are so good in social settings and make me feel more social. which doesn't come naturally to me.

-you are an amazing listener.

-you. make. me. LAUGH. so. hard.

-you consent to my obsessive need to be constantly snuggled.

-you have patience with me when i’m obnoxious. so, a lot.

-you are always willing and eager to learn from things and grow.

-you are super honest and trustworthy.

-you are thoughtful.

these are all qualities that i desired in a husband, and now i appreciate these qualities in you. they bring me joy. and make me want to be an ever-better and more loving wife to you in return.

kinda nervous for next week and the chapter where we wives get some abuse. which will probably require some extra snuggles.

oh how sanctifying marriage can be. 

what do you appreciate about (any of) the men in your lives? you should tell them those things too!


  1. i love this post, elise!! i really love your thoughts and insights on marriage :) kindred spirits, we are. or something?

    1. :) kindred spirits indeed. love your recent post on marriage too...!


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