a new (healthy-er) pumpkin recipe.

everyone who loves pumpkin, knows the sweetness of baking with it for the first time of the season. i have a few staple pumpkin recipes that i call upon each year. i also try to add a few new ones to the repertoire every once and again.

this week, i decided to try a new one. pumpkin oatmeal cookies

1. they are pretty healthy (just 2 tbs butter, and 1 cup sugar. not bad, not bad).
2. they use very little flour = could easily be done gluten free.
3. they are easy-peasy.


and behold, i was brining snacks for small group this week, so it was the perfect opportunity.

basically you make them like any other ordinary cookie.

you mix the dry ingredients (hold the nuts).

in the meantime the butter and sugar are creaming. note: when using only 2 tbs butter, it doesn't get quite as creamy and fluffy. no worries, it works out.

you don't need a seven pound bag of brown sugar. but it never hurts.

then you add the wet to the dry. mix in the pumpkin and toss in those nuts, and voila, on to the sheet zeh go.

they only bake for about 10-12 minutes. note: at about minute 8 your house will begin to smell like heaven.

 serve them warm, or cooled if they are for later. i, personally, am a strong believer in the cookies-right-out-of-the-oven theory. 

they seemed to be a hit at small group, and i'm already really looking forward to making them again. next time, experimenting with a gf version so that i can eat them too. gosh, the smells in the house while these were baking was a big fat tease. pumpkin, you just have a crazy effect on me.

what are some of your favorite pumpkin indulgences? recipes to share?

ps, i'm going pumpkin picking for the first time in my life saturday! have you ever been?


  1. okay these look DELICIOUS. pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin muffins are my favorite!

    1. definitely try them. :)

      and pumpkin cheesecake needs to happen in my kitchen very soon. yum!


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