today we are leaving to celebrate our very first anniversary. we're heading to the mountains in the great state of virginia. yes, virginia again. our bags our packed full of yummy treats to indulge in while we are away. i'm hoping this retreat will somehow take us back to our honeymoon...

colorful hills, check!

middle of nowhere, check!

cheese, wine, sweets, check!

warm scarfs, socks, and blankies to bundle up with, check!

so we may not have our beloved little fiat, or all those folks speaking that (beautiful) language...

but we'll have each other, and a wonderful first year to reflect on!

can't wait to hit the road.

happy weekends to you all as well! 

ps, fun posts from the honeymoon here, here, and here! (including a rather ridiculous video of the highlights.)

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  1. yay!!!!!!!!! happy anniversary friend! :) have a GREAT weekend!


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