cville, in photos.

i may have had a little bit of an attitude problem when we arrived home last night after our weekend in cville. no matter how much i love (_fill in the blank with any other place on the planet_) there is no where else that holds the same place in my heart as this lovely little town in the blue ridge mountains. adam is probably going to stop taking me there if i don't stop being so pouty as soon as we leave. so, i'll work on my attitude, but in the meantime i'm loving remembering our weekend with all these fun photos.


we got to visit with good friends, tailgate, wine taste, cider taste, play at the farmer's market, enjoy the fall colors, eat great meals, eat crepes twice a day (adam...), go on beautiful drives, swing in trees with some sweet monkeys kiddos, and worship at one of my favorite churches. and then, of course, we said goodbye. don't worry cville, we won't be gone long.


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