more homework! yippie!

like i explained before, adam and i have been doing a lot of "homework" for our marriage study. let me say first, 

not ALL of it is this fun. sometimes we have to talk through some tough stuff and blah blah blah...we get to go to cville!!!!!

for homework!

(not trying to downplay the tougher aspects of the study...)


homework this week was for the husband to plan a date full of the wife's favorite things. 


said the husband, 

"looks like we'll be heading to cville." 

bingo! what a sweet man who knows the desires of my heart so well. :) we take off this afternoon.

as we get closer to our first anniversary, there isn't a more appropriate place to spend a weekend than in the town where we said i do. :) me-oh-my i can hardly wait. adam has planned lots of fun things--including dinner at my favorite cville restaurant. also happened to be the venue of our rehearsal dinner. oh memory lane here we come...

can't wait to see some good friends! play with some of my most beloved kiddos, and take a little stroll around my college "grounds". all with my favorite person.   

(i do love durham, i do love durham, i do love durham...oh sorry, how embarrassing. i was just reminding myself that i do...well you get the point.)

but there is only one cville

can i get an amen? 

do you have any fun plans for the weekend? if you could get away to your favorite town, what town would that be? happy fall weekend friends!

by EK.
by EK.


  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to frolik and play in cville with you!!!!

    1. Can't wait to play with you either! and gush about cville together! looks like LT and jen are coming too. should be fun and perfect weather!! hooray! see you soooooon!

  2. YAY!!! talk about awesome homework!! i'd love to, eventually, learn a little about what y'all do in that homework or if there's any takeaways you could share! i'm always looking to grow :) have fun!

    1. yes i would love to share! it's been really wonderful, even after having just gone through pre marital counseling. haha, it's not all fun and games though. but those are just my favorite parts. :) see you soon girl.


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