things i'm a bit obsessed with lately.

-this tank from anthro. i have it in three colors already, but i'm craving a fourth. (and i just noticed they're on sale...) they are the yummiest!

-for that matter, anthro's entire fall collection this year. it makes me want to cozy up and look great while doing it! 

-pumpkins in pretty colors.

-pistachios! i can't stoppp eattting them!

-talenti gelato. any flavor.

-my electric blanket. it will be my best friend until about april.

-playing spades. especially with great friends or parents!

-my new iphone. :)

-durham, nc.

-going to monday night yoga class with adam.

-thai food. i'm craving it like mad.

-roasted acorn squash.

-bedtime yogi tea before bed.

-smart wool socks.

-cool sunny fall days! oh how it's reminding me of that sweet time of year when we were wed. which, speaking of, is quickly approaching. we are planning a fun get away to the mountains to celebrate at the end of the month! more on that later!

what are some things that you can't get enough of lately? do tell!


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    1. i know. i'm wearing one today. sometimes i wear them under things even if i don't need a cami, just so i can feel their yumminess!

  2. Ahh, I had managed to stay away from Anthro until this lovely post :) Great list of fall favorites!

    1. haha, it takes a lot of will power...sometimes i don't even realize i'm on their site and then i catch myself loading up my wishlist. ah!

  3. oooo do you know of any awesome pumpkin patches around here? i am totally trying to hit one up. for real!!

    1. i don't! i have just seen them a the markets. i've never actually been to a pumpkin sad! maybe we should find a good one a make a date out of it!


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