the other day my brother and i were eating lunch (love this part of working at his school!) and he told me that he was surprised that i'm not a vegetarian. why he said that is another interesting story...but the funny thing is i am, in fact, a vegetarian! i just hadn't really mentioned it to him. over the past year, adam and i have been eating less and less meat. for lots of reasons. i won't get into them here...

and after awhile we weren't really eating it at all. kind of like i talked about here, it was just one of those things that evolved naturally for us. we never made a hard fast decision. a couple of months ago, we just realized that we didn't really eat it. that we really didn't miss it. and that we actually preferred the way we felt and ate without it. so that night we officially became treehuggers, veggiehuggers vegetarians. 

i don't think i'll ever eat meat again, to be honest. i've found a wealth of delicious things to cook and eat that are meatless. and we have a lot more money for delicious high quality produce when we aren't spending it on meat. so for us, it's been working really well.

i usually don't cook with recipes (not that good of a meal planner...) i just use whatever we've picked up at the market that week. but i have tried a few new recipes as i've been intentionally cooking meatless. this potato and kale curry was great. and this almond-cranberry rice pilaf is stinking-wonderful. i've been dying to try this eggplant recipe (but it's so unbelievably high maintainence...) and i'm pretty sure i'll be attempting this before long.

so many people ask me--what DO you eat elise? you can't eat grains. you don't eat meat. and it's funny, because i never feel like there is a lack of things for me to eat! 

people, trust me, i eat so well (see recipes above for proof). one of the greatest things about knowing your body, is knowing what makes it click along well, and what makes it hold on for dear life.

once you know your body, it's not hard at all to find some of the millions of varieties of food on this planet that will make it happy. 

that's all i've got on that. 

now i think i'll go hug eat some veggies...

(but ps, are you vegetarian? hate it? love it? could never ever ever do it? why did you choose to be/not be? do you think vegetarians are crazy people? so interesting to me!)


  1. Yes! Since summer and you're right, I don't miss meat at all. In fact, I kind of forget about it. Because I've been trying so many new recipes, I feel like there are actually more yummy things to eat now haha

    (ps miss you Elise! I love your blog and am glad you are doing well!) :)

    1. thanks so much for reading heather! i'm glad you are finding as much freedom of food choice in veggie dishes as we are. it's easy to forget about meat when you focus on how much there is out there! especially in fall!

      squash! apples! kale!

      haha, so good to hear from you. :)

  2. I'd be vegetarian, except I LOVE bacon! We call it the gateway meat. It's just about the only meat I buy at the store, I always try to resist, but... And we go out, sometimes a good burger just can't be beat. So we're like 2/3 vegetarian :-)


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