what's my name again?

we have been getting some strange mail lately. in fact, it's kind of left me wondering if someone is trying to steal my identity. or at least trying to change my identity. 


i got a piece of mail addressed to "elfie" nelson. elfie. e-l-i-s-e to e-l-f-i-e. i've been called a lot of things that are not elise in my life, but this one is new to me. 

the funniest thing is how huge they printed in on the front. (hey elfie!) i can't tell you how hard we laughed. and how good it looks on our fridge. i do have an affinity for elves. i was born an elf, after all. but i'm not sure how the folks over at firestone figured that out.

then, the very next day (no joke) i got a letter from the university of new orleans alumni association offering me some special benefits for (apparently) being a faithful university of new orleans alum. hmm. the weird thing is this letter was actually addressed to "elise." so they seemed to at least know my name this time. i've been to new orleans. once. guess it doesn't take much to be considered an alum...

i wonder what my degree is in. perhaps concert jazz. wouldn't that be a splendid past life to discover?

well, anyway, hope your mail is less crazy than ours lately.

happy monday!


elfie nelson
b.a. concert jazz, university of new orleans


  1. Hahaha, my name is Elise as well. I've been called so many things that aren't my name it doesn't phase me anymore (like Eric by this substitute PE teacher in high school??), but Elfie's a new one!

  2. haha, glad to know i'm not alone. eric is pretty bad though--just plain lazy! do you get called elsie by every other person? then there's eliza...

    oh well, it's worth it to have such a great name!

  3. hahahaah elfie?! what?!?! i've gotten mail address to Mr. Molly Buckley which cracks me up. Mr? really?

    1. i know, it's absurd. and yet so fitting somehow! yeah, the mr. thing is bad. it's not like molly is a particularly gender neutral name...


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