christmas thoughts.

right now i'm sitting in our big cozy chair. every where i look there are boxes. and stuff. adam is sitting across from me painfully trying to hammer out the nelson christmas letter. he's writing it this year. yep. get ready for a treat, folks.

(pen to paper, love.)

and it's getting me thinking about all the little joys i am looking forward to this holiday season. 

for instance:

moving into our new house (soon!) and hanging our stockings in their new places.

all the fun girlie christmas parties, dinners, and cookie exchanges that i'll be attending.

christmas candles in the windows of houses.

picking out/making fun gifts for all the people we love.

listening to my favorite christmas song on repeat.

snuggling up and watching our favorite holiday movies together. (when harry met sally anyone?)

heading home to washington to be with family.

christmas shopping in downtown seattle.

hitting up starbucks (in its hometown) for that token foofy christmas drink. 

the last ever annual jordan family christmas party. can't believe it! 

the candle light service at my church in gig harbor on christmas eve. and giving lots of hugs to folks i miss. 

celebrating the precious little babe that came and the amazing miracle of christmas. 

speaking of,

i had somewhat of an epiphany about christmas yesterday. i was talking to my recently engaged best friend (!) about wedding planning. and i told her that when i was planning mine, the part that was most refreshing to plan was the ceremony. perhaps because it was the one detail that didn't seem to keep adding dollar signs onto the bottom line... we could add meaningful elements and craft our ideal wedding ceremony without adding much if anything to the cost--choosing scriptures, writing vows, preparing prayers, picking hymns to sing...

and our ceremony was my favorite part. and it was the part that actually mattered in the end.

so it is with christmas right? preparing our hearts and celebrating the miracle of the baby Jesus' birth, costs us nothing and turns out to be the only part that really matters.

but we spend most of our time, energy, and money at christmas on all the other stuff. just like weddings.

guess we kind of fall into the same traps with lots of things in life.

gosh, we're so dang human.

thank goodness for mercy. 

particularly, in the form of a little baby. 


  1. lovely post. so glad I found your blog.

    1. thanks for reading jessica! glad to have you here!

  2. i love your comparison of the meaning of Christmas to the meaning of a wedding ceremony. I couldn't agree more! our ceremony was the "cheapest" to plan, but the best part of the day, by far. I LOVE Christmastime but I love the meaning of Christmas more. He is so good.

    1. couldn't agree more girl! we are so easily distracted from the most important things...


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