day five-eight : for many things.

i'm so bad at "series" on the blog. but i haven't stopped reflecting on things to be thankful for as i turn 25. here are a few more...

day five: i'm thankful that everywhere i've lived God has provided me with a solid church and strong christian community. for good teaching. for good accountability. for good friendship.

day six: i'm thankful for my sorority. going into uva, i knew nothing about sororities. i didn't know what rush was. and i certainly hadn't come to college knowing which sororities i wanted to be in and which ones i didn't. i didn't even rush my first year. but for whatever reason, come spring of second year, i just felt this little nudge to rush--even a year late. i'd be the odd one out. many houses didn't even take second years. but i rushed. and i loved KD. and they offered me a bid. and within a week i had met some of my soulmate-friends. and i've talked about these three enough to annoy anybody who reads this regularly. but seriously, soulmates. i love them so stinking much it hurts. 

ooooh, and this sweet thing too!!

only God could have known i'd need these sweet sweet KDs in my life.

day seven: i'm thankful for healthy food. and for being raised with a taste for it. really. i'm thankful that my mom packed pretzel sticks in our lunch instead of chips and carrots instead of cookies. and that when hostess was going out of business i didn't care because i've never had a hostess product. i'm just grateful that i love and can afford to put healthy things in my body and feel the good effects of it. 

(and of course, for french fries and ice cream.) 

day eight: i'm thankful for my sweet husband who makes me laugh every day and who is still my very best friend. i'm thankful that he is handy and works hard and is creative and is so kind. and that he gives great hugs. love you ad. 

wow, that's a lot of thankful off my chest. got any thankful to get off of yours? would love to hear it!

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  1. i love my sorority, too! it was the BEST decision i made in college :) i'm so thankful for those friendships i made :)


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