day four: for the color of my blood.

i am grateful that since the moment i was born, i was wearing duke blue and deeply obsessed with a man with a strange last name, krzyzew....

not just because we've won four national titles in my life. or broken many all-time records. or won the acc championship twelve times since i was born. 

more, because it taught me these things:

-it's okay to be wrong. and admit it when you are. but it's ok to firmly believe you are right sometimes too. and to stand up for it. this happened a lot when i knew duke was better than unc, but everyone (bandwagon-ers) wanted to tell me otherwise. 

-you shouldn't skip church. but if you have to, it should be for something of utmost importance. like an acc duke game.

-loyalty is important. when the object of your loyalty deserves it. and even when they don't.

-that if you, "train a child in the way they should go, when they are old they will not turn from it." (proverbs 22:6) thanks mom and dad. totally worked with us.

-blood runs deep. especially when it's duke blue.

-never give up hope. miracles do happen.

duke basketball has been something that has united my family and brought us together time and time again in life. even when we've been on opposite sides of the world, we've "skype-watched" games together. does your family have some crazy obsession that brings you all together? what is it?

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  1. I loved watching the miracle shot again :) And I remember skype watching in '10 when we won. I loved all our texts back and forth the other night. Tis the Season to be Duke Blue!


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