day ten: for twenty-five.

well, today i turn twenty-five. and you know, i'm so thankful.

i’m thankful for twenty-five years. some people don’t get twenty-five of them. i’ve known a lot of people who didn’t. thanksgiving always reminds me of one of those people in particular. and i’m thankful that even though God doesn’t need my life, or my time, or my years to accomplish His work, He has chosen to use them, for my sake. He hasn’t needed me. but He’s allowed me to participate in His work—for my own joy. praise.

i’m thankful that my twenty-five years have been healthy. some people don’t get twenty-five healthy years. i have some dear friends as examples. i have patients i talk to every day as examples. and even though they get twenty-five years, they have to fight for them harder than i did. and i’m grateful that God can use healthy people and not-so-healthy people to share his good news and be examples of his love and his compassion, and his power.

i’m thankful that my twenty-five years came when they did. that they came in an era when women had rights and could vote and could choose who they marry. when wars weren’t being fought on my soil or in my cities. and even though i think that my era has darkness of its own, there is also darkness I have been spared, by living when I have. 

i'm thankful that my twenty-fifth is on thanksgiving. and i get to be with family. and i get to eat grandmom's cooking. and i get to watch elf like i have on every one of my birthdays since it came out. because it is just the funniest thing that ever happened to me. and it will never, never, ever, never get old. 

i hope that all of you enjoy celebrating all that we have to be thankful for. 

oh, and i forgot to say. but, i'm thankful for all of you too. oh, so thankful. :)


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) ELISE! i'm thankful for people like YOU who are wonderful and caring and love Jesus!


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