home sweet hotel?

according to adam, it still feels a little like we are staying in a hotel. especially in the master bathroom. our stuff is everywhere, but it's hard to just click on the "feels like home" switch instantly. have you ever experienced the feeling of moving to a new place and not quite knowing what to make of it for the first week (or so)? it's such an exciting time.

we don't have everything put together or decorated yet (big surprise). but here are a few of my favorite things so far:


we no longer have to put that beauty of a headboard behind our couch. it actually fits into the master bedroom now, and our whole bed is complete for the first time. yes it feels as yummy as it looks. all i want to do is sleep all day!!

adam bought me this gem before we got married as a wedding gift. we found her at our favorite furniture consignment store. and after a week of dreaming about it, we gave in. she's loving her new corner. she told me so.

this kitchen! so big! so open! and yes, that is a gas range. thank goodness for gas ranges. this one, particularly.


we have a garage! the little things..


our fridge is already filling up with pictures of people we love. just the best.


this record player has room to breathe in this place. now we just need to work on expanding our collection.

we hung our very first wedding photo ever. the old house got no wedding picture love. i wanted this place to be different. we picked this one.

our banquette. which we call the baguette. without an island or bar in the kitchen, we needed to create some alternative social kitchen seating. the cook needs company. voila. le baguette. 

now, what to hang above it...


spa shower in the master. mmmm. 


we have guest rooms. so please come visit.

i am not much of a decorator and some days i wish that one of my super talented friends would just come and stay with us and help me decorate the whole place. again, we have guest rooms. :) any takers? but perfectly decorated or not--it's cozy, and it's us, and we couldn't love our new home more.


  1. YES! i am LOVING the new house! that bed is gorgeous but that corner piece is amazing!!!!!

    1. Thanks girl! we got it at once and again. right on 15 501. near red robin. :) have you ever been in there?


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