oh, santa...

warning: controversial topic ahead. about this guy.


here are some thoughts. do with them what you wish...

so i've never been a big fan of santa. and i've never had any (as in zero) desire to "do santa" for our (futuristic) offspring. adam and i have never had an at-length discussion about it, but we seem to be on the same page. i know, i shouldn't be allowed to have kids right? and this is totally not a knock on anyone who does "do santa". or my parents for that matter.

but here are a few things i struggle with:

one: i don't like the idea of lying to my kids about something so silly. or anything, really.

two: it irks me that the source of that lie is stealing the attention away from the real meaning of the holiday.

three: speaking of the "real meaning," how confusing is it as a kid when you are taught the "true meaning" of christmas but all the excitement for you, revolves around some altruistic fat guy who, for whatever reason, brings you lots of presents. and then disappears from your life for a year. 

four: isn't the point of giving good gifts at christmas to illustrate Christ's gift of love? santa won't love them. we will!! so very much. and i want them to know that. 

five: why don't the parents get credit and gratitude for the awesome gifts they give???!!! 

ok, that last one was selfish. i admit. sinner here.

but those are some thoughts. 

there they are. 

there are a lot more rolling around in this noggin of mine too. but i think the most important reason i don't want to do santa is this:

to avoid watering down the two most sacred holidays for us as christians (christmas and easter) with secular characters who, in a lot of ways, take the place of Jesus in the celebration. yep, that means no easter bunny either for the nelson bambini. 

sad, sad lives they have awaiting them. in life.

ok, aim, fire. i think i can take it.

but seriously, does anyone else wrestle with this? what's the balance? how did christmas turn into something so not centered on Christ?

disclaimer: this is coming from a girl who watches elf every year and who loves hanging a stocking! so clearly i participate in secular aspects of christmas too. but christmas isn't secular, is it? it's about Christ. so sometimes i just need to think about these things. thanks for letting me.


  1. I don't have kids or even a husband, but I have a hard time with the idea of "Santa" bringing loads and loads of toys and crap for my future kids. Especially when most of it will get tossed to the side within a week or two. I don't know if I would get rid of the Santa aspect completely, but I know lavishing gifts on my kids and focusing solely on Santa will NOT be happening.

    1. thanks for reading elise. and yes, i agree! focusing solely on santa seems so far from what christmas is about.

  2. girl, i am totally with you. i mean, i like santa as a fun aspect of Christmas, but i don't like him being the center of Christmas. i'm not sure what i'll do one day when it comes to introducing santa

    1. i know. it's a hard decision. but i don't want to just fall into things just because. so it's been important to think about this pre-parenthood!

  3. I was three when my best friend, a mature 4.5 year old, clued me in about Santa. After that, I got to take part in filling stockings with my gifts for each family member the night before, and watching everyone discover their stocking treasures the next morning. My folks apparently carried on the myth for my little sister, but when it was exploded at an early age for her, she joined in the best (realistic) part of the tradition: filling each other's stockings.

    You seem to be hearing from non-parent friends here, and I'm one too. Had I had a child, he/she wouldn't have experienced the Santa aspect of Christmas either. Bucking the trend in a Santa-loving land... And I must say that with all the red and green "perfection" of the season on TV and everywhere around, it truly is hard to wade past that to the one who came humbly as a baby, how remarkable it is that he considered equality with God as something to set aside because of his love for us. Wow. How do I miss that so frequently?

    1. thanks for you sweet thoughts rebecca. i agree sometimes it can be so hard to "wade past" everything else and just adore Jesus! glad we get to be celebrating at hcc this christmas. :)

  4. i grew up in a Christian home and my parents never "did santa", and i do not feel deprived at all. i always wonder how i didn't "spoil" it for other kids, but i looking back i think my parents just didn't mention santa in our household and it wasn't a part of our lives.

    as we gear up to raise our little one, i think about this too! luan and i are probably not going to "do santa", and truly help our kids look to the excitement of our coming King that bring everlasting more than a fictional character that brings temporary joy. we're starting that but doing advent ourselves this year, and it has been so special.

  5. WOW, i have so many typos in my comment above. i hope you understood what i was saying. HA-HA! i need to proofread more. this preggo brain is going to own me.

  6. thanks for sharing this tiffany! it is so encouraging to hear your experience and realize that it might not ruin our kids lives to not do santa! i'm so excited for y'all to be parents...what wonderful ones you'll make.

    and haha, i didn't notice any of the typos...so preggo brain can be at ease.


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