saying goodbye to the little yellow one.

it never occurred to me as we were buying our first home,

that it would mean saying goodbye to the first little house we rented and lived in together. 

the little yellow one where we came home from our honeymoon and started life with one another. where we first learned how to be husband and wife and roommates. where i packed him lunches every day and made dinners each night. where we had our first christmas party, celebrated birthdays and graduation, and hosted family and friends for weeks at a time. where we built lots of fires in the winter and ate dinner on our little deck in the spring and summer. where i started my first herb garden and where adam worked on project after project to make it feel like home. where we had to put our headboard behind our couch because it wouldn't fit up the stairs. where adam had to put all his clothes in the guest closet so i could put mine in the master. 

where we came home, night after night, to the refuge of one another and our own little space in the world. where we could just be the nelsons. we've been so blessed by this sweet place. it feels like we'll be leaving some of the most treasured memories we have behind, when we leave. 

now it's all boxed up and the walls are empty and it hardly looks like the place we've lived for the past year. but, we are so excited to start unpacking our life into the new home that we love so much. and hoping that friends and family will visit often and help us make wonderful new memories there too! our door is officially always open. do come! (well, not officially open until thursday when it becomes "our" door).

have you ever had to move away from a place where you had many really special memories? what was it like for you? 


  1. Tearing up over here in Italia :(

    1. i know. it's probably how you'll feel when you have to say goodbye to italy...i remember that too.

      but it's such a good thing to make memories! even if you have to say goodbye to them.

  2. awwww :( :( i love this / it totally made me cry!

    1. thanks girl! it's definitely an emotional thing--good emotions for sure though. :)


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