something more important to say.

so now that you know i'm a terrible no-good santa hater (ok, hate is a little strong...) can you still even take anything else i say seriously?

because i actually think i have something important to say today. and it's not about santa (so you can let your guards down a bit.)

i was at a conference about a month ago and the speaker was explaining how important jesus's life was. which i thought i knew. and then i listened. and i was just amazed all over again by the fact that God (read: ACTUAL GOD!) came to live on earth (read: ACTUAL EARTH!).

i mean think about it, God came and hung out in a sixteen-year old's uterus for nine months. (would you do that?) after being in heaven and creating the world and being God, he spent nine months in a uterus. 

that right there: love. and we aren't even anywhere yet. 

then he endured birth and went through the whole not-so-glamorous process of being born. actual birth. he went through that. God did.

couldn't we just stop right there and conclude, that he "being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness," and that jesus was the epitome of humble?

instead of a crib, breathable bumper, bouncer, swaddle blanket, booties, baby ipads...he just had a stable and he slept in a dirty feeding troth. that was God that did that. 

then he was a perfect baby--to make up for all of our unnecessary crying and nasty blowouts we had as babies.

then he was a perfect toddler--to make up for all the pouting and tantrums we threw as terrible twos.

and he was a perfect tween--to make up for all that attitude we had toward the world.

and he was a perfect teenager--to make up for all those stupid decisions we made in high school and college.

and he was a perfect adult--to make up for all the selfishness, pride, dicontentment, and greed we felt as adults. (or is that just me...)

he lived our lives, but perfectly. how humbling. and he did it so that the righteousness of His life could count as our own righteousness. and apply to our messy lives. doesn't even seem fair does it? i guess that's the point. it's not fair. it's mercy. thank goodness! no really, thank goodness for mercy.

and we celebrate all of this at christmas. how can it not be the most joyful season ever?


  1. Beautifully said...thanks for sharing! Barb Tew

    1. thank you! and thanks for reading barb. :)

  2. i'm not going to lie, i teared a little bit reading this. i never thought of Him like that and it made me fall in love with Him that much more. thank you, elise!

    1. oh molly, thank you. :) it made me tear up a little thinking/writing about it too haha. i get so emotional at Christmas.


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