dear baby-gaba,

hi there cutie. i am your aunt. my name is elise, but if you are like most american kiddos, you will call me weese. if you are like most rwandan kids you will call me eh-reese. you will probably be a little like both, actually. and i'll answer to whatever you call me because i will love you. nevermind, i already do love you. 

you are so special. you see, your daddy is from rwanda. and your mamma is from gig harbor, washington. these places are not like each other. and they are very far apart. and you have blood from each of them in your itty-bitty body. and you will probably come to love both. and you will probably feel torn between them at times. and that's okay. so do your parents. it keeps their hearts soft to both worlds. speaking of hearts, your mom was gushing to me this morning when she heard yours beat. 

also, about your dad. be ready. he will tell everyone that you are a prodigy. even if he hasn't discovered what you are a prodigy at yet. he thinks he is one too. but just between us, it's ok if you aren't a prodigy at anything. most of us aren't. 

me, i hope you are a prodigy at snuggling your aunt. 

i just want you to know that there are lots of people who are very excited to meet you, and love you, and be a part of your life. and that you have two very amazing people to call mom and dad (see above). they will be with you as you learn and grow. and they'll teach you little by little about where you came from, and who you are. some of it will be hard to hear about--it was hard for me when i learned about it too. i'm sure your dad will teach you when you are old enough. but you'll also get to hear the amazing story of how God brought your parents together from worlds apart to meet, to fall in love, to get married. all so that He could make you

you are just the most special. 

i hope you always know that.

i am your aunt, so i will always think this. but regardless, it is true. don't forget it. 

love you baby-gaba.

(and so does your unki addo. just you wait till you get to meet him...)


auntie weese


  1. oh this is so sweet. thanks for being such a great aunti already. that is what a rwandan kid would say instead of plain old "aunt". so it might end up being aunti weese. i love you sister

  2. yay!! i love this <3 so excited for you and your sister!


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