highlights, or everything.

i'm finally looking through and sorting out all of my photos from our time home in washington last month. i can't believe i didn't share anything about that trip. terrible of me. it was so fast and so sweet and we have been feeling a little homesick since we left. 

there were many lovely things about our time at home. the weather was not one of those lovely things. it was the most stereotypical seattle weather. maybe worse. but it didn't slow us down. and for about fifteen minutes on christmas day, the rain turned to snow and we all got to oooooh and ahhhh. and then it was rain again.

since i've shared a few too many times about how much i love my hometown and the great evergreen state, i'll just leave you with photos here and i won't say too much more. so many highlights, but here are a few:

(good to be home with the sibs.)

(the last annual jordan christmas party, on our first night home.)

(after that, we spend nearly an entire day doing this. watching football, relaxing, staying out of the rain.)

(until it was time to go explore christmasy seattle at night. where we got wet.)

(my favorite thing about pike place market is the flowers. always so so beautiful.)

(breakfast and church with our two favorite seattle residents. so dang cute.)

(then an evening with my family at benaroya hall!)

(of course, we went to the christmas eve candlelight service.)

(and then, it was christmas.)

(we have a house rule that no one can get dressed on christmas. it's a good rule.)

(the day after christmas we got to spend time with all six of adam's sisters!)

(and the night before we left, we got to spend a few hours with some of our dearest friends.)
(man love, at its finest.)

so by highlights, i clearly mean every detail of our trip. but really, there was so much more! our time at home was so full; both literally and metaphorically. we came back remembering why we love that place and those people with so stinking much of our hearts. and feeling grateful for each and every minute of it.

(photo credit to mamma, sister, heidi, and me).


  1. looks like y'all had a GREAT time! i LOVE the matching PJ picture. SO CUTE!

    1. thanks molly! it's a fun tradition but getting new matching jammies each year = owning WAY too many pairs of christmas jammies, haha. but whatever, keep them coming. tradition!


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