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adam and i have thoroughly been enjoying this long weekend. i hope you have too! nothing like a three day weekend and four day work week to really cheer my spirits. adam finished his last day of his job on friday and won't be be starting his new one till next week! so this weekend was only the beginning of a nice little (and much needed) break for him. did i mention how beautiful it's been here? other than the small snow flurry we got thursday night it's been sunny and, get this, warm! what? winter here has me so confused.

but, i'm not complaining about running outside in january without my lungs freezing shut.

here are some snapshots of our life lately:

(recruiting people for our small group! not sure why i look angry...)

projects around the new house continue, slowly by slowly. today we tackled painting the master bedroom. after much discussion we went with sea salt (sherwin williams). it's looking pretty wonderful on the walls. (and on our faces, clothes, floors...). we hosted folks for dins on friday night (homemade pizza!) and sunday night (homemade vodka sauce!). yes, i know how to cook non-italian food. but this weekend i didn't. because, yum.

how was your long weekend? happy monday to you.

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