my favorite post on the web today.

i think i'm starting to get a little sick. and i am blaming babies. what is it about kids being so good at spreading germs? we worked in the nursery this weekend at church, and boy were those one year-olds cute. but my throat is just a little sore and i'm feeling a little funny this week. i'm sure it's in my head. i'm willing myself not to be sick. i think more kale might be the answer.

adam also picked up a sickness from the nursery. it's called baby fever and it's much more severe and scary. but we won't say much more about that...

speaking of babies, i just wanted to point you toward this post about the most exciting baby news that has come into my life lately. there is a little bitty cooking in my sister's belly. can i get a woot!

and i will call it squishy and it shall be my squishy. (finding nemo, anyone?)

i am the proudest aunt on the block and i can't wait to start celebrating. and then to meet the little person this summer. hopefully by the time he/she arrives my sister will have stopped puking 24/7 and not feel so tired all the time. she is so tough. all women who have ever carried, birthed, and taken care of a baby are tough. just, period.

and i'm so excited that it's my sister's turn. couldn't be more happy for the agabas!

ps, photo is of some of baby's first gifts from aunty and uncle nelson on christmas morning. don't you just want to cuddle that elephant so hard?


  1. thanks for posting sees, i will be putting up a pic of babies first items tomorrow for my photo challenge. you will be the best aunt

    and it better be the baby news you have EVER heard, not just lately....just saying....aunt loyalty. you are the AOMB

    1. i am the aoyb and proud of it. definitely the best news ever. sorry it was a close call between this and the joy of when i found out mom was pregnant with you. so that's why.


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