our new toy.

so adam and i finally bit the bullet and got a camera. we were sick of relying on our smart phones to photograph our life. we want to get a little more intentional about documenting through photos. and especially for the blog. so, we got a dslr for christmas. we haven't really learned much about it yet. hopefully we can find a class to go to together soon. or someone who will teach us a bit! but for now, we are practicing the basics that we do know and having fun with our new toy. here are some of my favorite shots of our past week:

(yes, i am in love with this boy)

(and this boy)

(adam's miter saw was another fun gift. hooray for projects in the new house!)

can't wait to share some photos and a little bit about a beautiful hike yesterday at eno river. later this week! happy monday friends. 


  1. yay for cameras and yay for fancy pictures!!!!! i can't WAIT to see you post and share more photos from life. and i got my hubby a grill for christmas, he wanted a saw, but i got him a grill. oh well. men and home depot, right?

    1. Haha. I know. Adam is like a child in a candy store in Home Depot. It's so sweet though. I remember when Adam got his grill too. That was a big day haha. What a great gift to give the hubs girl!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Now I just have to commit and practice. Can't wait!


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